Woven Durham, stylish inside and out !

Woven is an “award winning” Gentlemen’s Outfitters located in the heart of Durham that has been selling casual and heritage based product to the people of the North East and beyond for the last decade.

In the current climate of online retail, it is the customer service and experience that the staff offer in store that has ensured that Woven has forged a reputation as a place to go for not only “threads” but also interaction , advice and a decent cup of tea !

Merc is very proud to have been stocked in store from the opening day and during that time have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the all at Woven. With a love of fine tailoring, music and attention to detail, we were always going to get along !!

Merc caught up with Chris from the store to learn a little more about the last ten years and what direction they see them selves heading moving forward !

How Long has Woven been dressing the people of Durham and beyond ?

Woven has been in Durham City for 10 Years this March, we are very proud to reach our 10th Birthday.

You are known for your very personal approach to men’s fashion, how do you ensure each customer receives this treatment ?

The store is one big family, and we treat each customer like a part of our family, making them cups of tea when they pop in for a chat to buying them Christmas presents,we also host many social occasions at the store to keep our customer engaged in what we do, including pop up barbers and wet shaves, to Gin lesson's, shoe making demonstrations, and meet the suppliers so our customers can see were our products come from. We make it our aim to know all our customers by name and make them feel welcome within the store.

A typical instore event that Woven is famous for !

Do you feel that this experience you offer your customers has maintained Woven’s success as a physical store in this era of Online shopping ?

Without a doubt , everything is so easily available now from your phone, with online retailers selling cheaper and discounting we have to offer the experience to stay ahead of them, you cant beat proper advice and conversation.

Is there an average style of customer that is attracted to Woven ?

We have a wide range of customers from young 18 year old's just getting into there fashion with there own individuality to gents in there 60's who were part of the Northern Soul era, all of them have their favourite Merc item's, from a harrington to a pair of winston sta press.

Tell us about your history with Merc ?

We have been stocking Merc from the start

Why do you feel heritage brands such as Merc continue to appeal to the next generation of “dedicated followers of fashion” ?

We sell quite a few heritage brands from Merc, Ben Sherman, Gabicci Vintage to name a few and we have seen more younger guy's buying into this and moving away from so called designer high priced fashion, to a more style led look, timeless fashion.

Standing proud ! A Merc Monkey Jacket Instore at Woven

As a London brand, how is Merc received in the North East ?

Merc sells well in the North East, everyone knows Merc heritage is from Carnaby Street in the 60's, but regardless of were the brand started from it is the classic style of the clothing that sells it.

What are the best selling Merc items that you stock ?

Card Polo

Do you have a personal favourite Merc Item ?

Burgundy Harrington

What’s on the in store playlist ?

Northern Soul, Motown, Indie, 60's and 70's

Are their any local North East Bands that you feel we should listen out for in 2020 ?

The Volunteers and Jarpsy are our two favourite local bands.

Suits you sir !

What plans have you got for Woven this year ?

We have just opened our own alteration floor within the store, allowing customers to get the perfect fit, we are also re developing our website.

Woven Quick Fire Fives

5 style icons Steve McQueen, David Bowie, John Lennon, Paul Weller,Mick Jagger.

5 Men’s fashion accessories Pocket Square, Silk Scarf, CuffLinks, Braces, Tie Slide.

5 Merc products Winston Chino, Card Polo, Harrington, Terry Gingham Shirt, Target T Shirt

5 Musical Heroes Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, David Bowie, Paul Weller , Areatha Franklin

Woven Durham , not many stores offer fine clothing and a view like this ! If you are in the area we strongly advise looking in , and tell them Merc sent you !

Woven Durham can be found at 21 Elvet Bridge, Durham, DH1 3AA , online at www.wovendurham.co.uk and on the usual Social Media platforms !

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Words by Richie Kyle