In the month of November, you may have noticed an increase in the number of men growing moustaches or beards. No, it's not just a newfound trend in facial hair; it's the annual "Movember" movement! Movember, a portmanteau of "moustache" and "November," is a global campaign that encourages men to grow moustaches and engage in conversations about men's health issues. In this blog post, we'll explore the origins of Movember, what it stands for, and the impact it has had on men's health awareness.

The Merc X Movember Partnership

Merc has gotten right behind this very important cause by launching a special limited edition polo in two colours. The polo comes in 100% cotton pique and features custom "merc" and "MOVEMBER" embroideries on the front and a distinct moustache embroidered logo on the back collar. And some proceeds from the sale of each polo are donated to the Movember Charity. So, this November, grow a mo, don your Merc Movember polo and become a conversation-starter of all things Men's Health, all while raising funds for a worthy cause!

The Birth of Movember

Movember was born in Melbourne, Australia, back in 2003 when a group of friends decided to bring the moustache back into fashion. They realized that facial hair could be a fantastic conversation starter, and they saw an opportunity to use this quirky trend to tackle a serious issue: men's health. The founders were inspired by a close friend who was battling prostate cancer, which prompted them to raise awareness and funds for men's health initiatives.

What Movember Stands For

Movember is more than just an excuse for men to skip their regular shaving routines for a month. It's a global movement with a mission to improve men's health by addressing key issues:

Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men. Movember aims to raise awareness about this disease, promote early detection, and support research for better treatment and prevention.

Testicular Cancer: Movember encourages men to get familiar with their own bodies and understand the signs of testicular cancer. This form of cancer is highly treatable, especially when detected early.

Mental Health: Mental health issues affect men, too. Movember promotes discussions around mental well-being, seeking help when needed, and breaking the stigma that often surrounds men's mental health struggles.

Physical Activity: Staying active is crucial for overall health. Movember encourages men to move more and make physical activity a regular part of their lives.

Social Connections: Building a support network is essential for mental health. Movember encourages men to foster stronger social connections with friends and family.

How Movember Works

To participate in Movember, men start the month clean-shaven and grow their moustaches or beards throughout November. The facial hair serves as a walking, talking billboard to raise awareness and initiate conversations about men's health issues. Participants also fundraise throughout the month, with the money going toward various men's health programs and initiatives.

Movember has become a global phenomenon, with millions of participants across the world. People can support the cause by donating to individuals or teams, spreading the word on social media, or attending Movember events and fundraisers.

The Impact of Movember

Movember has made a significant impact over the years. It has raised millions of dollars for research, education, and advocacy in the field of men's health. The movement has also helped reduce the stigma around men's health issues and encouraged men to take control of their well-being.

Movember's campaigns have reached far and wide, with numerous celebrities, athletes, and public figures lending their support. The moustache has become a symbol of solidarity, a reminder that men's health is a topic that deserves attention and discussion.


Movember, with its simple yet powerful message, has changed the way we approach men's health. It has demonstrated that even a small act like growing a moustache can spark essential conversations and raise funds for life-saving research. So, this November, as you notice more men sporting moustaches, remember that they are not just making a fashion statement; they are taking a stand for men's health. Join the movement, spread awareness, and let's continue to make strides in improving men's well-being one moustache at a time.