The band released their first album 'How Many Lies' on Snap Records.

Standing: Jesús Ramírez, Carlos Llatas, Brian Diarte and Álex Amorós. Crouching: Bruno Cruañes. JC Verona

Garage beat band The Liquorice Experiment have released their first album How Many Lies. The debut has been the last project of the Spanish Snap Records. The work is now available on Spotify and can be downloaded from the label's official bandcamp.

After pandemics the quintet returned to the stage with a much more forceful and frenetic sonic potion inspired by the primitive sound of the first bands that unleashed the British Invasion.

After several concerts around Spain, the musicians travelled in April to the United Kingdom to record their new material. The result of that journey has been a dozen songs full of energy and beat sound combined with touches of garage and R&B. A time bomb for lovers of the most classic rhythm.

The tracks on the album have been backed by legendary musician and producer Mole Lambert (The Embrooks, The Jack Cades, Baron Four), and recorded at the analogue North Down Studios in Folkestone.

The band will make a launch party in May. JC Verona

The Liquorice Experiment have had a close relationship with the British country since several of their members came together in London to make music in 2017.

Since then, they have been regular hosts at London's main underground parties where they released several singles such as Circa 66 and Last Trip.

The band has not only performed at major shows such as Le Beat Bespoke and the NYE Rock&Roll Circus Party but has also played at major events such as the Mod Weekender Festival in Brighton and at the French festival Le Bim.

Since 2019, its members regrouped between Spain and the UK and started playing concerts in Valencia and Madrid where they have shared the bill with artists such as Elephant Stone, Mystic Braves or Muck and The Mires.

The band has already confirmed dates for 2023. For now they will perform on 28th April at the Spanish festival Ebroclub. They will also present their new album in physical format on 13th May at the Funhouse in Madrid. Also more dates are about to be announced in the UK.

The Liquorice Experiment playing a gig in Spain. Carlos Picó