Here to stay “Le Scene” by Alex Amoros

Alex Amoros is a photographer, director and musician who has an eye for capturing everyday images and using them to to tell a story.

Spanish born but now a fully fledged Londoner, Alex’s work has ranged from documenting football fans, musicians to Londoners on Lockdown and has seen many of his collections on show in galleries and festivals across the world.

The Londoners exhibition

Alongside an undeniable talent, Merc were also drawn to Alex’s deep rooted love of the British subcultures, and particular Mod/1960s music and clothing. His photographic collections “Le Scene” and “Les Mods” serve as a fitting tribute to “our thing” and further proof if needed, that “keeping it sharp” is truly a way of life!

“Les Mods”

A talented musician in his own right Merc was absolutely delighted to catch up with Alex and honoured to be able to showcase some of his work!

Where did Alex Amoros find his love of photography?

I have always been attracted to photos, I remember spending hours looking at family albums, I started let’s say more professionally when I was working for some music festivals.

I took a course to try out photography at the Blank Paper school and my teacher, the first time saw my first project and told me that I had the talent to be a professional photographer, that motivated me to do it. The school belonged to this collective, recognized in the world of photography worldwide and that encouraged me to go for it.

Do you remember what you began taking images of?

Documentary photography has always attracted me, but also music and fashion photography when is related to music.

A lot of your work is around capturing images from the street and subcultures, where did your interest in this come from?

I am a street person, I like to watch what is happening in the streets, I am always alert to see what is happening around me, I like to talk to unknown people and learn from everything and everyone, the subculture is the university of the street from there movements are born.

“Watching the world go by”

How is the British Subculture viewed in your native Spain?

I guess it depends on the generation and the music and football, it is also true that I come from an area with many English tourists that makes me know everything better, I have always been attracted specially to the British mod culture.

Do you have a particular allegiance to a specific subculture?

I think of mods but I don't close myself to anything or anyone. I like to learn from everything and everyone.

What prompted your relocation to London?

Music, fashion and subculture, it was the good old days in Camden Town

You’ve produced a range of stunning photo books , from Football Fans , everyday Londoners and even on on Stoke Newington in lockdown, where do you draw your influences from?

My influences come from everything that surrounds me and what I like music, football and people.I let my intuition work and once I have it clear I throw myself into it until I finish a project.

How has your work been received?

I think it's good and that many projects have worked well, not everyone can like it but I always do things with soul, I try to make them real and I think that's why people like it.

Alex Amoros on show!

Do you feel that as a Spanish man documenting London Life, you have a different viewpoint that makes your pictures so unique and eyecatching?

You probably have a different vision but when you finally have been in London for so long you don't know where you're from, here or there or where.

Your Photgraphic Projects “Le scene “ and “Les Mods” are a real labour of love, what was your aim with these collections?

I decided to begin a passion project to show the “60s Scene 60 years on” in the United Kingdom. These fans meet at revival events wearing fantastic outfits and dancing all night (Northern Soul, Mod, Garage Beat or Psychedelia). My goal was to captured that Lé Scene still alive.

Strike a pose “Le Scene”

Do you have a favourite collection of images you have taken?

I think that 40 music venues represents me well but Londoners is also, let's say, very Alex Amoros, it's improvisation and challenge.

Some iconic music landmarks from the 40 music venues collection

Where can people see your work?

On my website

You have a strong association with music photography, how did this come about?

I have always been related to music and always will be, it is my source of inspiration and an important part of my life.

Is there an artist on your wish list that you would love to photograph?

Many of them, I would like to take photos of the artists that are still alive from the 60s but also from the 90s, if I have to choose they would be Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Ray Davies, Dave Davies, Liam Gallagher or Richard Ashcroft.

Aside from photography, your also a singer with The Liquorice Experiment , tell us about the band?

The Liquorice Experiment is a Garage Beat band that was created in London in 2016, Bruno, Brian and me we are the founders of the band. We have played in the UK, France in Spain supporting bands like Mystic Braves, Elephant Stone or Los Bitchos. Finally this year 2022 we will release our first LP recorded in Folkestone by Mole Lambert.

The Liquorice Experiment

What do you base your personal style and image on?

I have many influences but fundamentally in the 60s and 90s

What does Merc mean to you?

Merc has been part of my life for many years, I used to go to Carnaby Street to the store and I have a relationship with both the guy who represent the brand in Spain and the owners in the UK, Merc has sponsored my bands and some friends of mine call me Merc, I bought my first shirt in Rome in 2001 and since then it has been a fundamental part of my wardrobe.

What are your plans for the future?

Keep going with all my passions, which in the end is my work, photography and music.

Quick Fire Fives

5 favourite albums

The Doors-The Doors.
The Beatles- Please Please Me.
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction.
The Kinks - Face to Face.
The Verve - A Northern Soul.

5 favourite films

Requiem for a Dream
Vivre sa Vie
Drugstore Cowboy
Blow Up
The Warriors

5 favourite style icons

George Best
Michael Caine
The Beatles
Yves Saint Lauren
Paul Weller

5 favourite fashion accessories


5 places that you would love do a photographic shoot in

New York in Brooklyn
San Francisco Little Italy
Hamburg St Pauli
Italy Como Lake
Tokio Akihabara

Effortlessly stylish

It’s a thumbs up from him, and us, many thanks Alex

Words by Richie Kyle

Pictures by Alex Amoros