Spirit of ‘67

We’re proudly born British. Carnaby Street, 1967 to be precise. The red blooded, suited and booted, trend setting centre of a radical world. The street where fashion and music came together in an explosion of youth and attitude. Designers and boutiques that defined a generation. Mod clothing and sharp style. Bands who soundtracked a cultural revolution. And us.

We were raised in that sixties mod sensibility, embodied by our founder, a 1960’s entrepreneur referred to as MR J. And we’ve kept the faith ever since.

Merc London. Never mainstream. Never ordinary. Forever sharp.

Against the Grain

From the day we opened our doors, we’ve been drawn to the different, the diverse, and the dangerous. We were outfitting reggae heads with tonic suits when the pubs claimed ‘no blacks, no Irish.’ We were sorting angry punks with harrington jackets whilst Sid Vicious snarled all over Top of the Pops.

We sold loafers to suedeheads, pinstripes to rudeboys, and dressed mods in fishtail parkas and monkey jackets as subcultures found their style Merc championed them all.

The Modern World

We’re defined by our heritage, but we’re no throwback. Every generation finds their own style, and we’re right there alongside them.

Blending old and new. Reinventing. Rediscovering. Restyling fits and fashions to meet the modern.

Looks for Life

It’s all about the long term. Forget fast fashion. Looks that stand the test of time, and garments made for more than a season. The same quality cherished by mods, punks, skins, and the brit pop brigade.

Over fifty years of choosing to give a damn. Finding the perfect fit. The right fabric. Sweating the small stuff. That’s Merc.

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