While it maybe cold outside and it gets dark before you’ve left work, good things and better weather are honestly (hopefully) just around the corner.

With this in mind Merc is beyond excited to preview our Spring Summer 2020 Collection in which we honour our British heritage with a modern twist that is sure to complement, enhance and improve any wardrobe !

Our new collection revolves around “Urban Utility” and focuses on revisiting the “Iconic workwear” of days gone by, but reimagined in the present day, for the modern consumer.

Nostalgic interpretations of Functional workwear is given the “Merc” treatment with sharp designs and stylish cuts that can be dressed up or down to complete a look that is perfect for today’s culture.

Clean, modern and comfortable designs with a stunning eye for detail and subtle patterns create a collection that fuses workwear with a hint of a military influence. Classic yet daring with metal trimmings, plush fabrics and functional decorations.

A collection for today’s times and one we feel perfectly complements and can sit proudly alongside our "Core" collection of Men and Women’s clothing where style, culture and attitude are “a way of life”.

Merc Clothing, born in London, moving with the times since 1967.