Maker, Hat tipped on a fantastic album , Photo by Grieg Clifford

Maker are a Kent based 4 piece who describe their style as “Rock and Soul, Rhythm and Roll” with an image as sharp as their sound.

Made up of Alessandro Marinelli (Vocals) Andrew Donaldson (Guitar) , Gavin Donaldson (Drums) and John Austin (Bass), Maker are signed to Kidda Records and have steadily built up a following based on blistering psychedelic rock n roll, a bit of paisley and a “shit load of swagger”.

Merc was introduced to their “Blusey, Boozy Rock n Roll” sound after being sent a copy of the “Move Your Feet” EP and became instant fans of a sound that fuses the best parts of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes and The Faces with their own ideas, creating something Maker effortlessly put across in the studio and on stage.

Maker, Cuppa.

From the first play, “Dead-ends and Avenues” grabs you, from the minute the needle picks up the dirty riff of album opener “Soul” where frontman Alessandro Marinelli showcases a voice that is instantly comparable to Steve Marriott / Rod Stewart.

What follows are 12 tracks that hilight just how well regarded Maker are becoming.

“We can turn you on, if you move your feet”!

There’s a lot going on here, from classic riffs on for example “Move Your Feet”,  “Curtain Call” or the epic “She’s On A Replay” to the country feel on “John’s Pharmacy” (possibly written after some refreshments?) or the beautiful “Coming In From The Rain” a ballad which captures the lads channelling their “you cant always get what you want” Rolling Stones vibe to full effect!

Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales under the guidance of Oasis producer Nick Brine, The album even features a cameo from the very same piano used on “Don't Look Back In Anger” on the bluesy “Girl Quit Your Crying”, while Noel Gallagher's acoustic guitar is used to play out the album on the reprise of “(Little Bit Of) Soul “, and Merc for one love little bits of music history like that!

Dead Ends and Avenues is a superb album, that fuses soul, blues, rock n roll, psychedelia and country with superb musicianship, melodies and harmonies alongside a voice whose quality doesn’t come around that often. Marinelli ain’t half got a set of lungs on him, and he knows how to use them!

Highly recommended, Maker are going places, don’t get left behind, fill your glass, turn them up loud and enjoy the ride!

Words by Richie Kyle


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