Dan Coburn is a man on a mission. As frontman for the IC1s he and the band were on the verge of taking off. A back catalogue of indie rock n roll bangers, a huge live reputation, a strong following, label interest and tours with now established acts like Blossoms indicated big things were coming!

Problems with a record label and management led to the disbanding of the lads just as it appeared they were arriving, and after a brief flirtation with a new line up and band “Forte”, Dan has decided to have a crack on his own as a solo artist.

Hard at work on a debut album, and with a new single “Kissing In the Rain” due for release in December, Merc was delighted to have a quick catch up with the man who is very much like his on stage persona, cocky, full of swagger and confidence, totally believes in what he is doing and is instantly likeable.

How does it feel working as a solo artist now?

Yeah it’s good, basically since Forte split up, I've been working on my first ever album.

Even in the days of IC1s and Forte, we never actually made an album. Plenty of EPs and put together things, but never went into the studio to make an album. So it’s definitely something I’m really passionate about doing, and getting right!!

What’s the main difference you’ve noticed being a solo artist instead of fronting a band?

The main one is I’ve got total control over what I’m doing , I’m the “Guv’nor” and it’s a great feeling to know what I put out is exactly what I want!
I was never that into being in Forte really anyway, IC1s was my baby, I got convinced to change the name to Forte due to managerial differences and it's something that i regret everyday.

IC1s felt like a movement. Forte felt like I was standing still.

How’s the Album shaping up?

Yeah really good mate, loads of ideas floating around inside my head, it’s coming together nicely.

There’s no title as of yet, im struggling with that side of it. There's so many iconic album titles, that it's quite the pressure and everything Ive come up with sounds bobbins but I'll get there. Songwriting is coming along nicely though don’t you worry about that!!

When do you think the album's going to be done?

So I'm half way through the album and I'm going in next week (22/10/2018) to start finishing the other half. So far, it's easily the best recordings I've ever been part of. Michael Smith (producer) is a genius, he will have hit records no doubt about that. Let's hope theyre mine.

Tell us about your debut single “Kissing in the Rain” which we have reviewed at the bottom of this piece?

Kissing In The Rain, basically It's a love song, not about anyone in particular though.

I want this record to be indie/soul so with this track, we wanted to put the Phil Spector shine on it and I think we got that. It's a ridiculously catchy chorus, its often in my head and now its in there again.

Release date I think will be the 7th of December.

Never been solo before so I'm shitting myself but in a good way. If ever theres a positive to shitting your pants!!

Kissing in the Rain Review

As long term fans of Dan Coburn’s previous bands IC1s and Forte, Merc were very hopeful that the quality of his songwriting and delivery were to continue as he goes out as a solo artist, and his debut release “Kissing in the Rain” definitely “whets the whistle” for the next stage in his career.

A four minute slice of indie/soul, Dan’s instantly recognisable voice immediately opens up and grabs the listener, sitting perfectly amongst the arrangements of the producer Michael Smith.

A British love story that name-checks “Wetherspoons” and “The Libertines” , “Kissing in The Rain” has a hands in the air singalong chorus that as Dan says earlier in the piece stays in your head, and joins some of the already impressive collection of Dan Coburn penned songs that sound great on record, and even better live!

Observational and relevant songwriting with a good deal of humour, Merc recommends checking out Dan Coburn. 2019 promises to be a big year for him.

A big chorus sung by a big voice, Great British songwriting done very well.

Words by Richie Kyle