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It’s been a long, hot summer! The days might be getting shorter, but at Merc we’re actually quite excited about feeling that autumn chill in the air and starting to see the leaves turn this year. A new season always feels like a bit of a fresh start, too. Plus, the Autumn Winter Collection is here, and we can’t wait to start layering up our “new in” items.

Comfortable, simple, functional – for our AW18 collection we have followed our guiding principle of creating pieces that are easy to wear, yet...

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Watford based 4 piece The Spitfires release a brand new single “Something Worth Fighting For” via Hatch Records on September the 28th as a limited edition 7 inch vinyl and digital download.

The Spitfires consist of songwriter Billy Sullivan on lead vocals and guitar, Sam Long on Bass/backing vocals, Matt Johnson on drums and George Moorhouse on keyboards.

The band have always fused a wide range of influences from reggae and ska through to punk and soul and this melting-pot of musical genres has n...

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The Novatones - Recommended listening!

The Novatones, a Southampton “Indie Brit-Pop Punk lads” with a love of all things British and a reputation for huge live performances that have seen them hit main stages at festivals such as the Isle Of White are back with a massive brand new single “Why Won’t You listen To Me?”

Pulling the crowds at the Isle of Wight Festival!

Short powerful and punchy it’s the bands attack on today’s music industry and the lack of support for up coming hard working bands i...

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Maker, Hat tipped on a fantastic album , Photo by Grieg Clifford

Maker are a Kent based 4 piece who describe their style as “Rock and Soul, Rhythm and Roll” with an image as sharp as their sound.

Made up of Alessandro Marinelli (Vocals) Andrew Donaldson (Guitar) , Gavin Donaldson (Drums) and John Austin (Bass), Maker are signed to Kidda Records and have steadily built up a following based on blistering psychedelic rock n roll, a bit of paisley and a “shit load of swagger”.

Merc was introduced to t...

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Merc Sounds - Dirt Royal

Posted on: 07/08/2018

Charlie, Leon and Loz - Dirt Royal!

Dirt Royal are a powerful 3 piece from Brighton with bundles of charisma, stage presence and character.

Drawing influence from the band members love of music from the subcultures of Mod, Ska, Punk and Britpop they have been prolific on and off stage since forming in 2014.

Comprising of Charlie (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Leon (Guitar/Vocals) and Loz (Drums) they combine a strong image with a intense and attention grabbing live performance that Merc has witnessed first...

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Watford 4 piece The Spitfires release their third LP, “Year Zero” on Hatch Records on the 27th Of July, a follow up to 2016’s “A Thousand Times” which was released to critical acclaim and ended up Number 6 in the independent charts.

As long term fans of the band, Merc was not only delighted to be sent a copy pre-release, but from first listen highly excited about the album itself.


Year Zero in our opinion further cements the place of The Spitfires as one of this countries most exciting and divers...

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John Simons - A Modernist is a documentary film from Mono Media films that tells the story of “British Menswear’s Unsung hero”.

Anyone with a more than a passing interest in men’s style owes John Simons a huge debt of gratitude and if you’ve never heard of him, trust me when I say he will have unknowingly to you influenced your wardrobe in some way.

Written by Jason Jules and directed by Lee Cogswell it is a 55 minute feature that charts the rise and rise of John Simons role in British style and...

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John Simons is described as “British Menswear’s unsung hero, a man who brought the classic Ivy League look from America to these shores he has been at the very forefront of British Menswear since the 1950s.

An Eastender, John has been operating in London all his life, and currently is based on Chiltern Street in W1. His shops have always been a treasure trove of styles and products that have attracted Mods, Suedeheads, Skinheads and just simply those who like the feel of a nice shirt, well cut tr...

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Merc Culture - Stu the Mod

Posted on: 12/06/2018

Stu the Mod - On set, In Merc lifting trophies!


For those of you whose Saturdays start with a Cuppa and a bit of Soccer AM during the football season, Stuart Wakeford needs no introduction.
Affectionately known as “Stu the Mod” he is a familiar face in a buttoned up Polo shirt amongst the banter, guests, music and mayhem of a Saturday morning institution on Sky TV.

With the holy trinity of music, football and clothes at the top of his interests, Merc was delighted to catch up with Stu to learn a ...

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Merc Sounds - Magic Wands

Posted on: 05/06/2018

The Magic Wands are an LA duo whose influences are largely from British and European New Wave, Post Punk and Goth!

Formed in 2009 by Dexy and Chris Valentine, Magic Wands music has been featured in over 50 films, Commercials and TV shows around the world. Their appearances are diverse, including The Vampire Diaries, Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl Ad Campaign, Vogue and Gucci!

Their reputation has been further enhanced by an extensive and exhausting live schedule, including support slots for The Jesu...

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