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Merc was established by Javid Alavi in 1967. It all started out as a market stall on Carnaby but quickly grew into a small shop on Ganton St and finished up at Carnaby Street.

Originally influenced by and tailored towards the mod culture, many of the garments that were avialable then are still sold today as part of our Heritage range. Merc has since adapted and grown to reach a wider clientele yet manages to retain a unique and distinctive identity.

Javid remains the Chairman of the Merc Group and still has a very active role in the running of the company. 'Merc' is now recognized worldwide as a truly iconic British brand, steeped in over 40 years of heritage.

When Merc started, the post-war era of the 50's was austere and culturally lacking colour. But that was all about to change,

During the 60's, Britain experienced an explosion of bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones onto the scene. Colour television and Top of the Pops were born, London, especially Carnaby Street, became the worlds epicentre of a new, ground breaking, colourful and trendy fashion scene for a more progressive and sophisticated youth.

Carnaby Street, the home of Merc, was the heart of the mod movement and it was thriving. Youth orientated and youth driven, the boutiques of London set the tone and the rest of the world watched and followed.

As part of the Mod craze that overwhelmed Carnaby St, Merc became very involved with the music scene and still is to this day.

Carnaby St regulars the Small Faces release 'Ogdnes' Nut gone flake' & Merc's paisley shirts are the hottest items of the year!

Desmond Dekker and Jimmy Cliffe head the UK pop/reggae explosion. Fans dash to Merc for their button down shirts and Tonic suits.

Suedeheads are the latest Youth culture to hit the streets. Boys and Girls wear Merc prince of Wales and dogtooth 3 button suits with Merc brogues and loafers.

The latest youth culture, punk, goes overground and Merc are doing a roaring trade in black harringtons as the new wavers adopt this as their new look.

The Jam release their third LP "All Mod Cons" and fuel the fire of a mod revolution!

Two Tone Records spawns a Ska revival, Madness, The Specials and Bad Manners all shop at Merc. The youth culture is dubbed 'Rude boys'

The mod revival is still in full swing and every Saturday hundreds of scooters would decend on the Merc store.

On the eve of Britpop, Blur become regulars at the store. Their look was to define the style of the 90's

Merc and Red Stripe launch the Camden Crawl, a two day festival taking in 30 venues, 120 bands and over 20,000 gig goers.

At the flagship store on Carnaby Street and at the Gibson guitar studio, Merc played host to some amazing bands for a sries of free live music sessions.

The Harrington is a classic jacket style that has been adopted by youth cultures and sub cultures from the Mods and Punks to the end Skinheads and Suedeheads.

This is one of the Merc's signature and most popular styles, we retain most of the traditional styling features and this particular version is from our current A/W collection.

The parka became a symbol of the mod scene after the bank holiday riots of the 60's where newspapers printed pictures of 'parka clad mods'.

The popularity boomed again with The Who's 1979 film 'Quadrophenia' and the parka became and still remains a popular symbol of the mod scene.

The parka became popular within the mod culture of the 1960's due to its durability and practicality and has since become an iconic and timeless piece of outwear.The Tobias parka is Merc's original fishtale parka and still features most of the original styling characteristics.