Since 1987, the first year of the Erasmus, more than 2.5 millions students from about 4000 universities in 31 different European countries have been involved in the program. 

However it has been noted in newspaper articles and various other publications, that the program may be terminated after 2015. It is still unclear what the future holds for the Erasmus Program. All that is known for sure is that for now no funds have been allocated by the European Community for the Erasmus program for the period 2015 onwards. The team believe that this kind of human experience can positively affect young student's growth, in a way that definitively cannot be ignored. Stefano and Niccolò, the faces in front of the camera, along with Alessandro the producer and co-author, searched for any videos, movies, short documentaries, viral posts or any other kind of product that aimed to tackle their chosen topic. Except for the famous film “L'Auberge espagnole” almost nobody has decided, in the last 25 years, to talk about this kind of experience. It has been playing such an important role in the development of the European youth why stop it now? Their aim is to change the minds of the EU Government with this documentary.

The team are in collaboration with Zero Productions, which is an independent group of Filmmakers, and are creating a documentary about the Erasmus Exchange Program. They are travelling around Europe following 7 Erasmus students, in 7 different cities finishing with a grand finale in Istanbul in September. 

Alessandro and the team have been posting videos and photos via various social media outlets, so as to accumulate enough material to put together the documentary of their entire experience. You can check out the teams video updates on their vimeo page and follow their epic journey on facebook. The final documentary has the potential to be presented all around the world at International Film and Documentary Festivals. Get behind them and show your support, so we can keep this amazing program alive.